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Enrollment in postgraduate courses

Studying at the Charité starts with enrollment.

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Warm welcome!

We congratulate you on your admission, welcome you to the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin , wish you a successful start to your studies at the Charité and a good time in Berlin!

Your department for academic affairs

Documents to be submitted & notes

Please first read the checklist completely.
Then fill out the enrollment application and send it. After send the documents specified in the checklist to the relevant e-mail address for your degree program. Please note our instructions and make sure that your files are named correctly!


The enrollment fee depends on your right to choose in the application for enrollment. Students in continuing education programs have the choice whether they want to use the semester ticket. The corresponding amount must be transferred. Information on the enrollment fees can be found on the Charité campusnet.

Amount of the enrollment fee from winter semester 2023/2024

vote at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
with semester ticket                                       €315.64             
without semester ticket                                 €113.84

vote at Freie Universität Berlin
with semester ticket                                       €312.89             
without semester ticket                                 €114.09

bank details:
Recipient:                                                      Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
IBAN:                                                             DE24 100 100 10 0000 395 104
BIC:                                                                PBNKDEFF 
Reference:                                                    last name, first name (of the future student) or if already available matriculation number


Where can I find my matriculation number?

When you enrolled, you received a matriculation number that is noted on your campus card. Your matriculation number is unique and binding for the entire study period. This also guarantees your identification if, for example, namesakes are enrolled at the Charité.

It is used for identification in exams, seminar papers and all administrative processes. Therefore, please always include your matriculation number in all correspondence.

When will I receive my campuscard?

After successfully assigning your enrollment fees and activating your user account, you can create your campuscard in the Student Affairs Office. The VBB semester ticket is printed on the back of your campuscard.

To create your campuscard, you need a QR code that can be used once. You will receive this automatically via your HIS account under STUDIUMSVERWALTUNG | CAMPUSCARD.

Further information: 

When will I get my personal user account?

When you enroll at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin , you will receive a personal user account. This account gives you access to several IT services and is done with your username/login and password.

  • own e-mail box (OWA)
  • Student and Examination Administration Portal (HIS)
  • Blackboard - Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Studies and Learning Objective Platform (LLP)
  • Computer workstations at the Charité (CIPOM)

How do I activate my user account?

In order to be able to use your user account and its services, you must activate it via the Charité access portal. To do this, you need your service number(Dienstleistungsnummer), which you received with your enrollment document. You also set up your initial password for logging in to the portal.

If you need any help, please contact the HelpDesk:

 +49 30 450 575444 or

Please note that your user account can only be activated after your enrollment fees have been allocated and note the following information:

Your email address ( (if available))

With this e-mail address, the faculty will inform you about important matters (e.g. changes to the timetable). Check your new messages regularly!

For reasons of identification and data protection, any correspondence on personal study and examination matters will only be sent via your Charité e-mail address. Their use is binding.

Access to your Charité email account

How can I activate VPN access?

The Charité offers all employees and students of the Charité VPN access. This service is particularly useful if you want to dial into the Charité network from home or another location in order to use services that are only offered on the Charité's internal network (intranet).

The basic VPN application for students is used to apply for VPN access for students. Included are the standard permissions "Internet Proxy" and "Intranet".

Further information:

Are there computer workstations at the Charité and how can they be used?

To access the Charité intranet, you can use the computer workstations (CIPom) at the Charité. The CIPom is open to all students and employees of the Charité. Charité domain access is required to register. You create the Charité domain access with your e-mail address.

Further information:

CIPom locations:

Camupus Charité Mitte (CCM, Lernzentrum, Virchowweg 5)

Campus Virchow-Klinikum (CVK, Lehrgebäude, Forum 3)

What is meant by the law on the protection of mothers during studies?

This law protects the health of the woman and her child at the place of study during pregnancy, after childbirth and while breastfeeding.

Further information:

Are there childcare offers?

KidsMobil is a flexible childcare service for employees and students at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. We have been using the service provided by Socius - die Bildungspartner gGmbH - for many years, which can be made available to employees and students free of charge under certain conditions and a previously fully completed and approved application.

KidsMobil is emergency care. It is not intended to cover regular services.

Further information:

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