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questions and answers

All questions about studie at the Charité should be clarified here, regardless of the course of studies.

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What action currently apply to science and teaching at the Charité?

Both the media and citizens have numerous questions about the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

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Where can I find information for students eligible for BAföG?

According to the requirements of the Office for Educational Support, proof of performance in the form of an ECTS point overview or Form 5 must be submitted before applying for funding for the 5th or 6th semester.

Further information:

Service hotline and email of the appartment for student affairs:

+49 30 450 576 042

studying with a disability

What does a barrier-free study at the Charité look like?

With your disability, you already have to cope with more stress than other students. To make your studies easier, we have put together some information for you.

Our goal is to enable you to study without barriers and to promote your participation so that you can concentrate intensively on the content of your studies.

We would like to support you in successfully completing your studies at the Charité.

Notes and information:

In the PDF document " Teaching without barriers " you will find further information about:

  • Important contacts
  • Information on barrier-free access routes
  • application for consideration due to exceptional circumstances (Härtefallantrag)
  • Exemption from the semester ticket
  • Compensation for disadvantages in study and examination achievements

The annual report of the contact person for disabled and chronically ill students can be read in the PDF document "Annual Report".

Frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers can be found in the PDF document "FAQ on studying with a severe disability/chronic illness/impairment". Please check if your open questions are among them. If you have a question that these FAQs do not answer, or if an answer is not satisfactory, please contact the contact person for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses directly.

In the PDF document "General process for applying for compensation for disadvantages (NTA)" we have summarized the usual process for you, from the application to the permit.


Berlin University Alliance

How do I apply and enroll in the program?

It depends on the respective BUA teaching format.

Registration and enrollment for a BUA module at the Charité takes place via email to the BUA Office for Studies and Teaching at the Charité.  

The explanations for the registration procedure for a StuROPx- X Research Group and the registration procedure for a StuROPx- X Tutorial can be found on the Berlin University Alliance website.

The application for a BUA joint degree takes place via the admissions process of the respective university.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions about the BUA courses offered by the Charité, please contact the BUA Office for Studies and Teaching at the Charité: Effi Zikou-Iwai  (

For questions about the BUA courses offered by the FU, HU, TU Berlin, please contact the respective BUA office for studies and teaching:

Can students from other universities also take part in the BUA courses offered by the Charité?

The BUA courses offered by the Charité are aimed exclusively at students of the Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Can I have achievements from a BUA-Teaching and Learning event credited to my studies?

There is the possibility of crediting for bachelor's and master's courses, possibly also for doctoral studies. The participating students should clarify this possibility themselves with their examination office.



When will I receive my campuscard?

After successfully assigning your enrollment fees and activating your user account, you can create your campuscard in the Student Affairs Office. The VBB semester ticket is printed on the back of your campuscard.

To create your campuscard, you need a QR code that can be used once. You will receive this automatically via your HIS account under STUDIUMSVERWALTUNG | CAMPUSCARD.

Further information: 

How do I use my multifunctional card?

The campuscard is an electronic ID system for students. The electronic content of the cards is encrypted and does not contain any personal data of the students.

Further information:

Access to the Charité network

When will I get my personal user account?

When you enroll at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin , you will receive a personal user account. This account gives you access to several IT services and is done with your username/login and password.

  • own e-mail box (OWA)
  • Student and Examination Administration Portal (HIS)
  • Blackboard - Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Studies and Learning Objective Platform (LLP)
  • Computer workstations at the Charité (CIPOM)

How do I activate my user account?

In order to be able to use your user account and its services, you must activate it via the Charité access portal. To do this, you need your service number(Dienstleistungsnummer), which you received with your enrollment document. You also set up your initial password for logging in to the portal.

If you need any help, please contact the HelpDesk:

 +49 30 450 575444 or

Please note that your user account can only be activated after your enrollment fees have been allocated and note the following information:

Your email address ( (if available))

With this e-mail address, the faculty will inform you about important matters (e.g. changes to the timetable). Check your new messages regularly!

For reasons of identification and data protection, any correspondence on personal study and examination matters will only be sent via your Charité e-mail address. Their use is binding.

Access to your Charité email account

How can I activate VPN access?

The Charité offers all employees and students of the Charité VPN access. This service is particularly useful if you want to dial into the Charité network from home or another location in order to use services that are only offered on the Charité's internal network (intranet).

The basic VPN application for students is used to apply for VPN access for students. Included are the standard permissions "Internet Proxy" and "Intranet".

Further information:

Are there computer workstations at the Charité and how can they be used?

To access the Charité intranet, you can use the computer workstations (CIPom) at the Charité. The CIPom is open to all students and employees of the Charité. Charité domain access is required to register. You create the Charité domain access with your e-mail address.

Further information:

CIPom locations:

Camupus Charité Mitte (CCM, Lernzentrum, Virchowweg 5)

Campus Virchow-Klinikum (CVK, Lehrgebäude, Forum 3)

Forgot your password?

You can assign a new password for your e-mails via the Charité access portal. Your service number, which you received with your enrollment documents, is mandatory.

Set new password:

After you have clicked on the "Next" button in the access portal, select "I do not know my PIN or password" and then "Students of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin ". Now follow the further instructions. If you get stuck in the access portal and need help, please contact the HelpDesk.

Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm

 +49 30 450 575444

You also have the option of sending an email to the Charité "Auskunftssystem":

Further information:

Forgot your service number?

If you have forgotten your service number, please contact the Student Secretariat. For data protection reasons, your service number can only be given personally.



How and where can I get information about the General Act on Equal Treatment?

On the Charité topic page you can find out about all the important activities, measures and events that are being undertaken to promote equality between women and men at the Charité.

The team of women's and equal opportunities officers advise and support all employees and students of the Charité in questions of equal opportunities, as well as in particular the board of the Charité and the management levels in the implementation of the social mandate of equal opportunities for women and men.

The fields of action are very broad and include topics such as career planning, diversity and the compatibility of family and work.

Further information:


Where can I get an overview of all relevant forms and applications?

We have created a page for you on which you will find all the relevant forms and applications for the respective course of studies.

Further information:

Overview of forms and applications


Competence area eLearning

Which learning platforms and tools can support me in my studies?

For this purpose, the lecturers will provide you with eLearning materials for the preparation and follow-up of the courses in Blackboard in addition to the content of individual courses. In addition, you can use the Charité wiki system for your self-study and group work.

Further information:

  • eLearning


Do I have the opportunity to do an Erasmus semester?

Yes, the Charité - Universitätsmedizin has built up an extensive network of 72 partners in order to provide its students with a total of around 150 places to study medicine abroad. In which countries and universities it is possible to study abroad, as well as the requirements for this, are presented in detail on the website of the Erasmus office.


How does an exmatriculation take place?

Exmatriculation takes place upon written application by the student, usually at the end of the current semester. If the requested de-registration is to take effect immediately, this must be justified. A retrospective de-registration can take place upon application at the end of the semester for which the last re-registration was completed.

Further information:

Does it make sense to remain enrolled until the graduation process?

We recommend staying enrolled during the graduation process. Enrollment is mandatory if courses still have to be attended.

Enrollment is not required for registering, processing or submitting the theses.

In the case of exmatriculation, it should be noted that rights associated with student status are also lost.

These include accident and liability insurance through the Charité, the use of the facilities and the communication systems.


Error management in studies and teaching

Where can I get information about error management?

The goal of realizing high-quality teaching in all courses at the Charité requires consistent, transparent recording of errors, analysis of the causes of errors, dealing with the consequences of errors and knowledge of the potential for errors. This applies to the planning, organization and implementation of degree programs as well as to all associated administrative activities.

Use TIRS to draw attention to errors and the potential for errors.

Further information:


Can I apply for a grant?

In principle, "mini-job contracts" are concluded for the subsidy. For tax reasons, students can only have a mini-job. If the mini-job has been terminated, a new application for a subsidy can be submitted (in the case of participation due to a pandemic, the "mini-job" subsidy will be suspended for this period. After termination, the subsidy will continue to be paid).

If you would like to take advantage of the study-related subsidy, please fill out the staff questionnaire. You can find this on the "Forms and Applications" page.

Please send the completed staff questionnaire to the following email address: pflege-pruefungsamt[at]


Changing university

Where can I get information about starting my studies?

  • Information and downloads



Where can I find my matriculation number?

When you enrolled, you received a matriculation number that is noted on your campus card. Your matriculation number is unique and binding for the entire study period. This also guarantees your identification if, for example, namesakes are enrolled at the Charité.

It is used for identification in exams, seminar papers and all administrative processes. Therefore, please always include your matriculation number in all correspondence.

What documents are required for my enrollment?

In addition to the online application, other documents must be submitted, such as a declaration of non-disclosure, a medical certificate and the personal declaration.

Further information: 

  • Checklist
  • Enrollment


Health insurance

What will change with the electronic student registration procedure?

In principle, proof of the respective health insurance status must be provided for admission to a course of study. Further information can be found in the enrollment checklist.

In the student registration procedure (SMV), the data transfer between the university and the health insurance company takes place exclusively electronically in both directions in accordance with §199a SGB V.

What does the Charité tell the health insurance company?

  • M20: Beginning of studies with the start of the semester and the day of enrollment
  • M30: End of studies with the end of the semester and the day of de-registration/termination

What does the health insurance company tell the Charité?

  • M10: Insurance status (mandatory or exempt)
  • M11: Start of insurance after changing health insurance
  • M12: Delay in payment of contributions
  • M13: Settlement of outstanding contributions

How do I have to report a change to another health insurance company?

So that the next re-registration can take place smoothly, we need an electronic notification from your new health insurance company about the change of health insurance company.

Please contact your health insurance company – the sooner the better. After, your health insurance company will send us the required health insurance status report.

Please indicate our separate sender number H0003487.

Health insurance

Forgot your password?

You can assign a new password for your e-mails via the Charité access portal. Your service number, which you received with your enrollment documents, is mandatory.

Set new password:

After you have clicked on the "Next" button in the access portal, select "I do not know my PIN or password" and then "Students of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin ". Now follow the further instructions. If you get stuck in the access portal and need help, please contact the HelpDesk.

Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm

 +49 30 450 575444

You also have the option of sending an email to the Charité "Auskunftssystem":

Further information:


Email account

Maternity Protection

What is meant by the law on the protection of mothers during studies?

This law protects the health of the woman and her child at the place of study during pregnancy, after childbirth and while breastfeeding.

Further information:

Are there childcare offers?

KidsMobil is a flexible childcare service for employees and students at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. We have been using the service provided by Socius - die Bildungspartner gGmbH - for many years, which can be made available to employees and students free of charge under certain conditions and a previously fully completed and approved application.

KidsMobil is emergency care. It is not intended to cover regular services.

Further information:

What are the special features for pregnant and breastfeeding women during exams?

Due to the new Maternity Protection Act, pregnant and breastfeeding women are not prevented from taking part in courses and examinations during the protection periods. However, limitations (e.g. in the preparation courses, station examination 2 and 3D-MC) must be observed.


Disadvantage compensation

How and when do I apply for disadvantage compensation for an exam?

Persons to be examined who are prevented from providing equivalent services due to a longer-lasting or permanent disadvantage can receive disadvantage compensation for a specific examination.

Disadvantages that relate to the qualifications to be proven by the examination – as well as the qualifications required for the desired profession – cannot be compensated for. Compensation for disadvantages should help to be able to prove the existing ability - but it should not reduce the difficulty of the exam or compensate for a lack of ability.

Current specialist medical reports/certificates relating to the respective examination and the examination format must be submitted as proof. The certificate must also contain a "compensation recommendation".

In order for a possible disadvantage to be taken into account in good time for the examination, it is essential to submit the application as early as possible, but no later than 4 weeks before the start of the first examination cycle.


Further information:

  • What does a barrier-free study at the Charité look like?


How do I enroll as a doctoral student?

Further information:

  • enroll as doctoral Student



How does the re-registration for my course of studies take place?

You re-register by paying the semester fees that are due. 

  1. The semester fees must be paid completely and on time to the account of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlinonly the day of receipt of payment is decisive ) and
  2. all other requirements are met

If there is no proper re-registration, exmatriculation will be initiated in accordance with the Berliner Hochschulgesetz (BerlHG § 15 Para. 1).

Further information:



Where can I see my timetable?

Moses is a course planning and administration system. Here, students can access their own timetables and participate in topic selections.

The access data correspond to your Charité login.

Further information:

Semester fees

How do I pay my semester fees?

  • Our system automatically allocates your registration fee
  • Please only state your individual purpose in the purpose of use in order to enable a secure allocation of your payment
  • You can find their purpose in your HIS account under STUDIUMSVERWALTUNG | GEBÜHREN-KONTO | SEMESTERGEBÜHREN
  • If you do not have an HIS account, use "matriculation number, last name, first name" as the purpose.
  • Please transfer as soon as possible and take into account that depending on the bank, it can take between two to four working days for the payment to arrive
  • Feedback is only possible after correct assignment
  • The campuscard can only be updated once you have re-registered (validity imprint on the back of the VBB semester ticket).
  • If there is no re-registration, de-registration will be initiated in accordance with the Berliner Hochschulgesetz (BerlHG § 15 Para. 1).

Further information:



Work or commuting accident

What must be considered in the event of an accident at work/commuting accident?

Securing your legal claims from the accident requires that the university notifies the accident insurance company of the accident by means of an accident report. To do this, you must immediately fill out an accident report and send it to the service office.

Further information:

Vacation semester

Can I take exams during a leave of absence?

In principle, it is possible to take exams during a semester of leave. Registration is as explained above. (§ 9 Absatz 4 Satzung für Studienangelegenheiten der Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

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